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Know When To Say Your Sorry

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Nobody is perfect. We all have our own personal interpretation of religious and societal rules that help us navigate this complex world of ours. It is inevitable that people will occasionally fall short of our expectations. In essence falling short of our interpretation of the way things are supposed to be. When that happens, we are faced with an opportunity to get frustrated and try to hold them to account to our personal standard, or we can make a deeper accounting of our own interpretation of the perceived lapse and be sure we don’t do anything to compound the issue.

We have as individuals a sense of fairness and we view the world through that lens. In most cases our perception of what is right and wrong, acceptable, and fair is generally agreed to by most. On the rare occasion that it is not we usually resort to an explanation of how we would like to see things resolved, a negotiation of sorts. When that falls on deaf ears, we have the option of doing two things, declare we have reached an impasse and agree to disagree or continue to push our interpretation to the point of denigration. Those stalemates usually end with a poor chose of words and hurt feelings if not worse.

We shall prevent ourselves from becoming angry if we repeatedly place before our eyes all anger’s faults and form a proper judgement of it. It must be tried before the jury of our own hearts and found guilty; its faults must be searched out and dragged into the open; in order to reveal its true nature, it should be compared with the worst evils. Seneca

It is Inevitable that we will make the mistake to push our own interpretation of how things should be too far and for that we will villainize people for no reason. Learning to recognize your own shortcomings when it comes to this issue can only be done with an honest accounting for your behavior. That is no easy thing to do when your judgment is clouded with righteous indignation. This makes it hard to see things as they are and more importantly see your behavior as falling short of your own personal standard. When this happens, and it will, apologize. Make the effort to extend an olive branch, don’t let pride get in the way. Some will have the good presents of mind to do this right away, while it may take years for others.

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