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Live Simply

“It is a very simple matter to live simply in this very complex world.  Let the world be complex, but let all matters pertaining to your physical, mental and emotional well-being be simple.  One can do this and still lead a very active life in this modern world.”

Those words were written at the beginning of the 20th century by a man who was born in the 1860’s. The advancements at the time were staggering by even today’s standards, the automobile, aircraft and telephone just to name a few. If you were alive at that time you would have gone from horse and buggy, living with no electricity to getting most of the modern convivences we enjoy today. If you think about it few times within human development enjoyed so many radical technological advancements. So those words viewed in that context are apropos.

When you sit down to think about it you could make an argument that we are living in a time where are most significant advancement has been easier access to information and distraction via the World Wide Web. While we have made advancements in personal transport and increase the standard of living of most people around the world, we haven’t had the staggering advancements that they had in previous periods. What we have had is a universal advancement in the ability to waste ones most precious commodity, time.

The last seven months have brought an opportunity for pause and reflection by most. When I speak to people I hear much of the same thing, “I don’t need to be living such a complicated life.” These sentiments are echoed by the constant barrage of self-help articles on the topics of simplifying ones life. I have read a bunch of them and agree with a lot of what is being said i.e. reduce your possessions, time online, consumption of media, and clutter. While conversely trying to read more, spend more time with loved ones, get more exercise, spend time in nature and develop your spatial practice whatever that is for you.

When you start to follow some of this advice you quickly find you are more relaxed, less anxious and, starting to fall back into a natural rhythm. It’s hard to explain to someone who has not experienced the mental benefits of taking a break from certain activities, and allowing you mind to be less distracted with information of little importance or of a negative nature. When you do start to experience the positive benefits you will notice you have more control. Control comes in the form of more time to do the things you enjoy and truly benefit from, and less time spent on trying to control your worry and anxiety.

If this sounds good to you but are not sure were to start reach out to us

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