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Not Always Observed

The rosy-fingered dawn appears.  The morning brings birds singing their wake up songs, cool dew on the grass and the trees which are starting to drop their leaves.  On this crisp morning I have a chance to enjoy what is always available to me, but not always observed.  As I put on a coat and some shoes my dog moves close to the door as she knows we are going to go for a walk. Together we walk down the drive toward the bay where she will perhaps have a chance to chase something in the brush.  I have a chance to see the world anew after a night’s sleep and it all looks fresh to me.  I have a chance to observe things as they are.  My mind is not preoccupied by things to do or things trying to steal my attention.  I have this time to just walk with my dog and watch as she trots along to her own rhythm. Every day we have a chance to start over after a good night's sleep.  How long can you stretch that time, that feeling of newness.   If one wishes to keep a tranquil soul, then he should live according to nature. ~Marcus Aurelius~ Limiting outside influences when you first awake like phones, computers, TV and radio is one sure way.   Give yourself the luxury of some time to enjoy the world as it really is.  When we open ourselves to the world outside our door we see what nature has to offer with all of its grandeur.  Get to know it even for just a little time in the morning, so that you can see the changes as they come with the seasons or changing weather.  Study it like a farmer would study it observing the subtle nuances that represent a change in the weather.  When we know how much it benefits us to be outside “in” nature, a part of it, not separated from it, why aren’t we doing it every morning.  Make the time, take something away so you can have something more beneficial bringing you closer to nature and a sense of peace.  

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