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That Little Voice

What is the question you have to answer for yourself today? Every morning when you wake there is a question that you are ruminating about. Perhaps it is something that has kept you up or maybe its something that just popped into your mind as you woke up. So what are you going to do about it, your intuition has just entered into your consciousness and said hey pay attention to this. Regardless of how inconvenient or unusual the problem or question you have been proposed you have a choice of what to do.

1. Ignore what your intuition is telling you.

2. Act on it right away and find a solution to the problem or answer to the question.

How many times have you been in this exact circumstance only to ignore that little voice and sometime later you say “I wish I would of done something sooner.” In today’s world of constant connectedness and full of distractions how do we tune into the most important voice? Most people I speak with are being bombarded at all times by alerts and notifications that keep them in a state of high alert. In fact there is a condition known as “phantom notification” that has people checking there devices because they think it is vibrating only to find there is no notification. You would think with everyone on high alert they would be able to tune into that little voice known as there intuition, but that is not the case. It’s not to say that people can’t hear that little voice in fact most people do first thing in the morning when they wake up. In that state of quiet before the world gets a chance to intrude on our privacy we have a sacred silence most people just don’t recognize it. That silence is how we can tune into our little voice or intuition. So if you want to hear it more consistently you can start by doing a few small things to create the conditions to turn up its volume so to speak.

Start by conditioning yourself to wake up a few minutes before you need to get out of bed, you can do this by setting a soft alarm let say for 5:30 if you need to get out of bed by 6:00. By doing this for a week or so your body will become accustomed to a new rhythm in its sleep wake pattern. In the time between waking and having to get out of bed it’s important to not reach for the device/phone just lay there in bed with your eyes closed of softly open gazing at the ceiling. Then concentrate on your breath in through the nose, count then out through the nose and listen. Listen to your breath and feel the sensations in your body, take it all in. Things will come to your mind it is important not to hold onto them just let them pass one after another and keep your concentration on the breath. When you notice a thought jump out stronger that the others make note of it and go back to the breath, do this until you need to get up. When you get up write down the thing that came to mind and take some time to think about it, perhaps on your way to work instead of listening to the radio or a podcast you can reflect on it and an answer will come seemingly out of the blue. You have just been given a gift don’t squander it, act on it as soon as possible. If you are interested to find out more about this practice or others we teach reach out to us.

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