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What Is Coaching?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

What is coaching, well it can take many forms from the person that helps you learn how to throw a ball with better form to the person who instructs you on writing.  For me, it's about helping people learn what most of us are never taught.  So what are those things that truly give you a sense of freedom and contentment, well I can tell you from experience it's not just hard work and dedication.  There is something that comes across when you run into a person who has put these time tested practices to use, a sense of confidence an eagerness to listen completely not needing to interject, a mental toughness to just get on with it and not complain about the task at hand, a willingness to help others and a dedication to becoming better every day.  That is what we coach, these are not hack's or quick self-help fixes but a way of living your life differently, more fully so you can experience everything it has to offer.  

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