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Yoga After My Daily Meditation

Why I practice yoga every morning directly after my meditation For me, it's a combination of reasons flexibility, strength, balance and most importantly connecting my movement to the breath. I will start by saying if you are an athlete you are at a competitive disadvantage if you don't have a yoga practice. It helps so much in preparing your body for the day ahead and requires so little in terms of equipment and space it's a no brainer.  

"You don't need to go to a yoga studio to practice yoga."

Most people think you need to drive across town to a yoga studio or turn on a video to engage in yoga every day. If you have not done yoga before or had some practice it will be helpful to attend some classes to get the hang of it and learn the asanas (poses) but after you have you can engage in it every morning and make it part of a morning ritual. Truth be told I still attend a guided yoga class once a week to be able to feel the energy that comes from being in the presence of that many people all like-minded in their pursuit and encourage anyone who wants to make that one of there communities of practice to do so.

Connecting the breath to movement is a somatic practice and a cornerstone of the big four skills we teach. The power that can be derived from the breath when you are being mindful of it is no secret just talk to any athlete at the top of there game and they will tell you so. The breath combined with a mindful movement like in yoga helps to unlock the body's own healing potential. I am not going to site all of the recent studies about this of which a quick internet search will reveal. I can tell you from my own and a lot of people I have worked with it has helped to alleviate everything from chronic pain to PTSD. As with any exercise you need to enjoy it to get the most out of it, but look at it for what it is if you are new to it stretching. As your practice develops you will start to see and experience all kinds of benefits

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