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Mindful Rhino


We have been helping committed people get extraordinary results. 


We know how to get results.


We know how to help people get beyond what is holding them back.


 Our principles have transformed individuals wanting to reignite the passion and sense of purpose they once had (or find it for the first time). Successful professionals who want to experience fulfillment in all areas of their lives and not just in business. Men and women who wanted to know how to navigate a difficult experience. Those longing to feel a strong sense of confidence and purpose. People looking to find a way to leave a legacy and be the kind of person they know they can be (consistently). Men and women who have this gnawing sense that they can do and be more.

As you go through the program

 you will have someone who will listen and be fully present, without judgment, but with expert guidance.


 Our Coaches are expertly trained according to the most exacting coaching standards in the world (the International Coach Federation) so that you will get the right blend of insight, awareness, accountability, and support.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to help you “download” a new more expanded Operating System for your mind so that you can effectively deal with virtually any situation that comes up.


  • Five Mountain Assessment and Training to help you develop across the 5 areas needed for complete development: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitional and Non-Quitting Heart / Mind Spirit.

  • proven tools and practices that will increase focus. 

  • Engagement – you will connect with your Coach as you engage with these new practices.

  • Learn – your Coach will help you to see how your beliefs, filters, biases, and perspectives impact your ability to succeed both professionally and personally.

  • For a full list of principles, we instruct on see below

If you are reading this, you are the kind of person who never settles for anything less than you can be in all areas of your life.

But right now, there is something telling you that you can do or be more. Stop holding yourself back.

Reach out and see how having a Coach can help you by contacting us at

We are here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself and would be honored to help you in your journey.


In an effort to help people understand what we teach the following list is a snapshot but not wholly inclusive. 

(Beginning a practice of self-betterment)

Benchmarking and assessing your abilities 

Developing mental control

Witness process 

Metacognitive understanding/ thinking about your thinking


Box breathing

Courage in the face of fear

Interdicting fear loops

Resiliency training

Front sight focus

3p’s and one thing mission statement (purpose, passion, and principles

What do you stand for

Simplifying and decluttering 

Finding your path to your personal Ph.D. and philosophy 

Habituate excellence

Getting un-stuck

Dare greatly

Comfort kills

Staying in the fight when things get hard

Habituate excellence



(Mental maps)

Choosing the right challenge with the fits model

Introduction to smartphone’s, smear, prop, and soda loop models

Understanding stress

Interdicting false core stories that are holding you back

Kiss model

(Daily practices)

Morning and evening ritual practice

Warrior discipline

Six pillar journaling

3p’s and one thing mission statement (purpose, passion, and principles

Discovering you ethos

Integral mindfulness practice and discovering the plateau of mental /emotional development

(Developing intuition and emotional IQ)

Leveraging neuroplasticity

Heart and Gut intelligence 

Radical focusing

The science of positivity

Decision precision

Developing situational awareness and your intuition 

Understanding and recognizing cognitive bias

Emotional awareness and control

Integrated emotional intelligence 

Shadow work

Emotional transmutation 

Recapitalization and heal your trauma

Eradicate regrets

Emotional growth

Other awareness

Inner awareness

Holistic intuition 

Trans rational intuition 

Flow and wave states

Training and practice of intuition 

Heart mind in action 


The character of a leader

Leadership theories 

Avoiding leader BOO

Leading on the right path

Leadership virtues

7p’s of authentic leadership

Leading in VUCA

Dysfunctional teams and how to avoid them

Team spirit and core values

Elite team mindset

Creating a culture of excellence 

Attracting versus recruiting 

Trust in teams

The debrief elite team communications 

Seven commitments of elite teams

Service attitude

Meet The Team

Dave's Bio Pic.png

David Brady

Mental Performance Coach

Certified UM Coach

Integral Mindfulness Coach

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