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Scott believes that everyone is capable of making their corner of the world a little better. He sees it as his responsibility to help people embrace the hard work that entails. Scott is passionate about teaching and coaching, and loves the process of learning.


Scott provides movement instruction and personal training, but also helps clients integrate their physical improvements into the rest of their lives. Scott is fascinated by the strong, but often subtle links between health, job performance, family life, and community membership.


Scott is a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, and has been coaching movement professionally since 2011. He was a member of his collegiate fencing & cycling teams, and has been participating in recreational sports ever since. Scott enjoys a variety of activities, from triathlon and obstacle-course racing, to Highland Games and weightlifting.


Scott spent 14 years working in public service as a first-responder. He provided emergency medical care, search & rescue service, and law enforcement in some of the United States’ premier National Parks. Scott has served as an instructor for firearms use, technical rope rescue, mounted patrol, and civilian response to active-shooter events.


Scott has found the most challenging & rewarding aspects of his journey in the growth of his family. Scott has been married for ten years; together, they are raising their two young children.

Scott can be reached @

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