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Amber Russell is a freelance Marketing Content Strategist and speaker where she coordinates for social media content and events including, hashtags, Facebook advertising, event planning, brand image developing, program designing, and speaking at workshops. She travels to different workshops along the west coast to help leaders and influencers find their genuine voice and give extra speaking tips on it. Amber helps local small businesses to plan for future customers and keep revolving clients by show casing services.

In her early career, Amber was promoted to District Manager. While in that position, she recruited and trained a groups of sales associates in product branding in which her office created over thirty thousand in sales in a short period of time. 

During college, she received a certificate form Arkansas Tech University for Leadership.

MindfulRhino and Amber are working together to bring value in a whole different perspective. MindfulRhino is creating mental toughness and Amber will be assisting individuals with their marketing plans. She believes that everyone is connected together to help one another and so by creating a specific partnership and/or content that reflects this for each business, engagements and the right audience are secured over time.

Amber is from Texas and she grew up along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. She is active with Mixed Martial Arts, off trail running, and kayaking. When she isn't working, she likes to read and make her friends and family laugh. 



To see an overview of Amber's personal marketing service, click the link below.

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