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Mindful Rhino

The Art Of Strength With Purpose 

How can you develop Mental Toughness? 

It all starts with a calm mind, immune to the effects around you.  That idea when you put into practice an integrated path to self-development.  We provide guidance as mental performance coaches helping committed people become more confident, courageous, and focused, allowing them to take on the mental and physical challenges they face.


Tom R. Tampa

After working with Dave I can prioritize things properly and spend less time obsessing over things that bothered me in the past.  I now have tools that I can access no matter where I am to keep me moving forward toward my goals.  I have been able to make time for my family, my career and running again for the first time in years.  I plan to complete in my first ultra this year.  I wish I had found someone that made it this simple years ago.

P.R. Tampa

When Dave talked with me about the program I didn't know what to expect, but I went in with an open mind.  All I can say is its the best decision I've ever made.  Dave has helped me tremendously with accomplishing my goals and dealing with my anxiety.  I definitely recommend giving Dave a shot.

1:1 Coaching 

  • 1 - 1 Private Coaching

  • Mental Toughness 

  • Personal Development 

  • Businesses Development

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development 

  • Stress Reduction 

  • Mindfulness Training



Stang-up Meeting

Group Training 

  • ​Team Building 

  • Business Development 

  • Controlling Stress 

  • Negotiation Training

  • Active listening Training

  • Leadership and Team Development 

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Meet The Team

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David Brady

Mental Performance Coach

Certified UM Coach

Integral Mindfulness Coach


Amber Russell

Strategy Marketing & Speaker

Content Contributor 


Scott Francis

Personal Trainer

Certified UM Coach

Content Contributor


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