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Fate Will Do As It Pleases

Good luck is a funny thing, sometimes it comes to us from out of the blue and sometime it leaves us as fast as it came. One thing is for sure, we don't control it. Call it fate, luck or divine intervention we all experience it. When it comes are way we are ecstatic at the positive implications of what might come next. Seneca said luck is something that happens when preparation meets opportunity, what he didn't say was that we craft luck or make it somehow happen with hard work. You could be the hardest working, most prepared person in the world and still seemingly have no luck. Good fortune seems to come most to those people willing to make that leap of faith when an opportunity presents itself. Think for a moment of the days leading up to the Normandy invasion during WWII. Eisenhower had crafted a bold plan preparing for all of the contingencies and even casted a fog of deception over where the invasion would happen. The plan was sound, the weather was favorable but Eisenhower knew all of that could be for not. He knew that the hands of fate can take the most well laid plans and cast them aside, he had even written a letter taking responsibility for the defeat before he gave the orders to go. Why would he do that, because he knew he could not control the outcome only the preparation and the action to go. Action is the key 🔑 it may lead to good fortune, it could lead to disaster, only time will tell. One thing is for certain you can't have good luck without taking a chance.

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