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Guided Meditation - 5 Minutes

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Box Breathing

We can go days without food and even water. However, we cannot last very long without our breath. The breath is an important part of taking control of emotions.

Meditation's many paths. So why practice it?

Meditation has 3 key elements to it: breathing, concentration, and what's called witnessing. Breathing helps balance our physiology and set the condition to go deeper. Concentration is more of a focus on one thing for long periods of time. And witnessing is how we can assess from a 3 party perspective within the body.

Box Breathing

Imagine the image of a box within your mind. Now follow it along with your fore finger clockwise starting at the top going left to right, down the side to the bottom. Now from the bottom corner you go right to left and bring it back to the starting position. After drawing the box shape with your finger, now your breathing will mimic the figure also. The top of the box is an inhale motion. The two sides are a hold; meaning you hold your breath till the count is up. The bottom of the box is the exhale motion. Each side has a 3 - 4 second hold.

How does this help??

Box breathing develops control along with physiological and psychological balance.

The body will be in an upright position with the eyes closed or with a soft gaze. Your spine must be aligned to feel the body responding to the physiological change. Energy is constantly being expanded away from your spine and pushed back in.

What do I do about the thoughts arising??

People often think that when you meditate, you should never have thoughts arise, but that's nearly impossible! Our brains are constantly going! Box breathing helps slow down the day-to-day living by bringing us back to our aligned self which is to have peace. When the thoughts come, be kind to yourself and acknowledge it, write it down, and then continue with your box breathing. These thoughts help grow you and guide you to what you and your mind tend to focus on.


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